Germany Maps as Push Pin Canvas

Germany Maps as Push Pin Canvas in large formats from 50 x 70 cm to 120 x 160 cm – ideal for pinning visited places and planning new trips in Germany. The map shows all German states and their capitals as well as approx. 1,600 other locations. Plus: the largest mountains, rivers and lakes aswell as all national parks. And if you like: with a free personalization!

Modern design, robust material, sustainable production. Color-matching pins as accessories round off our Germany map concept. 100% handmade in Germany!

Germany Map TRAVEL®: Push Pin Canvases with the highest level of detail

Maps of Germany as push pin canvas in large sizes from 50 x 70 cm to 120 x 160 cm - ideal for pinning places visited and planning new trips to Germany. The map shows all the German states and their capitals as well as around 1,600 other places. Plus: the largest mountains, rivers and lakes as well as all national parks. And personalization included if desired! Modern design, robust material, sustainable production. Color-matching pins as accessories round off our Germany map concept. 100% manufactory quality made in Germany!

Reduced design that makes a great impression

Following the motto "Less is more!", the design of our Germany maps focuses on the essentials: single-color land areas, clear lines and shapes, a modern and easy-to-read typography. That simply looks good on any wall!

Ausschnitt einer Deutschlandkarte mit dem Bereich Hamburg und Nordsee-Küste
Deutschlandkarte als Leinwand zum Pinnen und Markieren von besuchten Orten
Mark visited places and pin new destinations in Germany
Remember your most beautiful trips through Germany and plan new destinations - with pins from our accessories, which are perfectly matched to the colors of our Germany map. This way you'll always keep track of your adventures!
Natural feel, crisp printing
The polyester content ensures a high print sharpness and bright color brilliance, while the cotton fibers give the canvas its naturalness. A quality that not only feels good - but also looks good!* By the way: The pins hold in the robust canvas without any problems and do not slip out. Promised!
Deutschlandkarte mit Straßennetz im Ruhrgebiet
Blick auf einen grünen Wald als Symbol für nachhaltige Produktion unserer Weltkarten
Sustainably produced - 100% Made in Germany
Good design also deserves the thought of our environment: We use ECOLOGO-certified, solvent-free, water-based inks in our products, as well as a stretcher frame made of FSC-certified spruce wood from sustainable forestry in Germany. And the packaging material is almost completely recyclable. 100% Made in Germany!

Germany map as push pin canvas to pin and mark your travel destinations - suitable for all home vacationers, camping enthusiasts and caravan fans.

Why travel far away when the adventures start right on your doorstep? If you also like to vacation in Germany, this map is just right for you. Our Germany wall map as a pinboard and canvas in large XXL formats from 70 to 160 cm high offer plenty of space to mark all your trips and destinations. With matching pins and pins can be all visited places in Germany and still planned trips perfectly marked.

Our large XXL map of Germany will help you bring all your travels and memories together on one big mural. Whether you love to travel to the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, the Harz Mountains, or the mountains of Bavaria, this pinnable map of Germany keeps track of all the places you've been or want to go.

And even if you don't want to use the large map to mark your travel destinations, it will still be a stylish decoration in your home. There is hardly a more beautiful mural of Germany!

Entdecke die Schönheit Deutschlands: Eine Reise durch die vielfältigen Städte und Naturlandschaften unserer Republik

In Deutschland gibt es unzählige Möglichkeiten, die Schönheit des Landes zu erleben und sich von seiner Vielfalt verzaubern zu lassen. Ob es die atemberaubende Aussicht vom Berliner Fernsehturm ist, die romantischen Gassen in Heidelberg oder die prachtvollen Bauten der Kölner Altstadt - in Deutschland gibt es für jeden etwas zu entdecken.

Ein Highlight für viele Reisende ist sicherlich auch ein Besuch im Allgäu, wo man die majestätischen Alpen bestaunen und sich von der atemberaubenden Natur verzaubern lassen kann. Oder wie wäre es mit einem Spaziergang entlang der Kieler Förde, wo man den frischen Seeluft schnuppern und den Anblick der vorbeiziehenden Schiffe genießen kann?

Auch kulturell hat Deutschland viel zu bieten. Besuchen Sie die Bamberger Symphoniker in Bayern, die Dresdner Frauenkirche in Sachsen oder das Brandenburger Tor in Berlin - überall warten beeindruckende Sehenswürdigkeiten darauf, von Ihnen entdeckt zu werden.

Egal, wohin die Reise auch führt - Deutschland ist immer eine Reise wert und bietet unvergessliche Erlebnisse, die tief im Herzen bleiben werden.

Large Germany map as push pin canvas with personalization is a perfect gift idea

Whether for yourself, as a gift for a birthday or even for a wedding - this canvas of Germany is a great gift. A particularly nice surprise is the Germany map only with a personalization. Five variants are available for the map.

By default, the canvas shows a Germany logo at the bottom right. The pinboard becomes more personal with one of three editable logos, where you can not only insert your name and that of your partner - even the text such as "Adventures in Germany" or similar can be changed to your taste. This makes the Germany map your very own!