Europe Map TRAVEL® Push Pin Canvas (High Details)

Modern map design with a maximum of details (more than 2,300 places) – for pinning and marking your travels

Europe Map TRAVEL® Push Pin Canvases with more details than ever!

Europe TRAVEL® is your map of Europe with a maximum of details! The straightforward, modern and uncluttered design provides an optimal overview. More than 2,300 place markers, national parks, mountains and lakes are shown to their best advantage thanks to the reduced design. You can set special accents with separately available colored pins, with which you can mark visited places and plan new trips. Choose from 15 colors, from the smallest format of 80 x 60 cm to XXL formats of 180 x 120 cm – as well as one of four possible personalizations. With the TRAVEL® map of Europe, you'll always have a perfect overview of your travels. 100% Made in Germany!

Europe Map as a pinboard canvas for pinning and marking your travel destinations. Developed from passion for travel, handcrafted to perfection.

You love to travel and like to be out and about in Europe? Then this Europe map is just right for you. Our map of Europe as a pin board and canvas in large XXL formats from 100 to 180 cm wide offers plenty of space to mark your trips and travel destinations. With matching colored pins, all visited places and still planned trips can be marked. Our large map of Europe in XXL helps you to bundle all your travels and memories on one large canvas. Whether you like to travel to France, England, Spain or Portugal, or prefer to stay in the Mediterranean in Italy, Croatia or Greece - this push pin map of Europe captures all the places you have been or want to travel to.

And even if you don't want to use the large map to mark your travel destinations, it is still a stylish decoration in your home.

Map of Europe as a pin board canvas in sizes from 100 cm up to 180 cm

To make the Europe Map looking good in your home, the map is available in different sizes and finishings. As a pinboard canvas, the smallest format is 100 x 70 cm - a minimum size so that all texts are still legible and lines are not too thin. The next larger size of the Europe map is 120 x 80 cm. Then 140 x 90 cm is the perfect size, because this map of Europe fits almost every wall in your home and everything is easy to read. The pins you use to mark your favorite places and travel destinations also fit perfectly proportionally to the elements on the Europe map. That's why 140 x 90 cm is the most purchased product in our range.

If you want an even larger map, the size 160 x 110 cm is ideal, while 180 x 120 cm is the maximum. The 200 x 130 cm format would theoretically still be possible, but then the places in Europe would be spread too far on the map and the pins would be lost optically.

Map of Europe in a unique, modern design

Our XXL European Map not only shows all countries in the European Union, but the entire European continent (except Kazakhstan, which would not have fit on the pin board canvas).

On this large map of Europe you will find other interesting places such as national parks, mountains, rivers and lakes in addition to all countries and capitals. Of course, the most important and largest islands can also be found on the map, which makes it a useful learning tool for the whole family.

We have placed particular value on the very detailed coastline and border lines, which show the outlines of Work out Europe very well. All of the places we have placed on the European continent have been chosen in such a way that they still leave enough visual space. Seen from afar, the map appears almost unlabeled. True to the motto: less is more. Our goal: a map of Europe in German or English that remains clear and tidy. This clearly sets us apart from any other purchased map material and other map providers.

Design Europe Maps in colors from gold to gray to black and white

In addition to the simple content, our large maps of Europe impress with their simple colors. The land areas are monochromatic, while the borders of countries such as France, Spain & Co. are clearly differentiated. The national park areas stand out just as easily as the names of the countries.

The maps for marking travel destinations are currently available in two editions: The PREMIUM EDITION in harmonious color combinations ensures an exclusive, aesthetic overall picture. Most of our customers buy the map in noble gold tones, which ensures a pleasant warmth in every room. An alternative is "Warm Gray": The brown-gray land areas provide an even warmer contrast. The colors "copper" and "bronze" offer similar warmth. In contrast, the neutral, simple Europe Travel Map in the light gray design in "Cool Gray" is very subtle and therefore suits any furnishing style.

The XXL maps of the BLACK EDITION ensure maximum contrast. The two dark-gray and two black-and-white maps of Europe with golden accents simply go with any furnishing style without appearing overloaded with colour.

Large Europe Map pinboard canvas with personalization is the perfect gift

Whether for yourself, as a birthday gift or even for a wedding - this canvas of the European continent only becomes something very special with a personalization. Five variants are available for the map. By Default, the canvas shows a Europe logo at the bottom right. The pinboard canvas becomes more personal with one of three editable logos, in which you can not only insert your name and that of your partner - even the text such as "Adventure in Europe" or similar can be changed according to your taste. This makes the map of Europe your own personal one!