Magnetic Wooden Poster Bars

Put your map of the world, Europe or America in the right light: with modern poster bars made of sustainable wood. Equipped with a smart magnetic solution that holds the poster without damaging it.

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Magnetic wooden poster hangers - the most modern way to hang up a poster without damaging it

Adhesive tape, Tesa film and tacks are kind of old-school. Put your world map in the right light: with modern wooden poster hangers. The natural material underlines the timeless design of the world map and gives it an even more high-quality character. We offer a wooden poster hanger in light oak, black or light gray MDF with a robust 8 mm thick profile. If you prefer the poster hanger to be a little more elegant, we have a fourth variant on offer: a super-flat magnetic poster hanger with a 5 mm thin profile in black.

All magnetic poster hangers are equipped with an intelligent magnet solution. Small and very powerful disc magnets are inserted flush into the wooden profile. These magnetic poster hangers now allow you to hang and fix posters without damaging them. Simply clamp the poster between the poster rail at the top and bottom and hang it on a nail on the wall with the attached thread.

Magnetic poster rails for posters in DIN A1 to DIN A0 format

The size of the magnetic poster rails is based on the usual large formats of our world maps. All strips are suitable for posters in DIN A1 (84.1 cm), the intermediate format of 100 cm, and DIN A0 (118.9 cm).