Design World Map MULTICOLOR® Pinboard Canvas

Multicolor map design with separate colors for each continent and maximum details (more than 2,000 locations) – for pinning and marking destinations

Weltkarten mit Personalisierung in verschiedenen Farben und Größen kaufenWeltkarten mit Personalisierung in verschiedenen Farben und Größen kaufen

Design World Maps TRAVEL® als Push Pin Cancas in large sizes from 80 x 50 cm up to 200 x 120 cm – perfect for pinning places visited and for planning new adventures.

Also as a simple wall picture, these maps are suitable as a simply beautiful decoration in your home. Modern design, robust material, sustainable production. And optional with personalization. Perfectly color-matching pins as accessories round off our world map concept. 100% Manufacture Quality made in Germany!

Minimalist design - for maximum overview

Many world maps on the market are too colorful and confusing. We like to be different! True to the motto "Less is more!" we have tidied up and concentrate on the essentials: single-color land areas, clear lines and forms, simple typography.

Goldene und bronze-farbene Pins stecken in einer schwarz-weißen Weltkarte als Pinn-Leinwand
Ehepaar markiert Reiseziele auf einer Weltkarten-Pinnwand mit weißen Stecknadeln
Pin your destinations - and mark places you have already visited

Remember your greatest travel adventures and plan new destinations – with pins from our accessories that perfectly match the colors of our world maps. Keep track of your travels!

Real gallery canvas crisp printed

The 360 gsm cotton blend fabric is printed at a resolution of 2,400 dpi. Meticulously created vector files provide the optimum source material. This ensures that every location on the map is perfectly legible - and that every pin can be placed exactly where it belongs.

By the way: The pins hold in the robust canvas without any problems and do not slip out. Promised!

Weltkarte in Premium-Qualität in hochauflösendem Druckbild mit 2400 dpi
Blick auf einen grünen Wald als Symbol für nachhaltige Produktion unserer Weltkarten
Sustainably produced - 100% Made in Germany
Good design also deserves the thought of our environment: We use ECOLOGO-certified, solvent-free, water-based inks in our products, as well as a stretcher frame made of FSC-certified spruce wood from sustainable forestry in Germany. And the packaging material is almost completely recyclable. 100% Made in Germany!
Weltkarte Pinnwand als Reisekarte zum Markieren von besuchten Orten

Keep your travel adventures alive with our Design World Maps on a durable, high-quality canvas to pin your travel destinations

It is the dream of many people: traveling. It enriches the mind and provides plenty of happiness. And it gives us lots of stories and impressions that we won't forget. Our large world maps as a pin board canvas offer you the opportunity to bundle all your travels and memories in one place. Mark the places of the world you've already been to and those who are still on your bucketlist. To keep track, we offer pins in coordinated colors.

Large world maps from 80 cm to 200 cm wide: Which map size suits you best?

We have the right world map format for every wall and every home. In order to be able to display all world details, travel destinations and map markers legibly, the minimum size is 100 x 70 cm. With our smallest format of 80 x 50 cm, we have to do without some details in the Baltic States or Central Europe for reasons of space. The next larger format 120 x 80 cm and 140 x 90 cm are the most popular and best-selling world map sizes. In the middle, our 160 x 100 cm map offers the best overview and the most space for all pins and pins - especially if several family members want to document their journeys on the world map. If you have a lot of space in your home, then our XXL formats 180 x 110 cm and 200 x 120 cm are just right for you, because your travel plans will look really big on these large world maps!

World maps as a decorative mural - for a more beautiful home

You like it stylish in your own home and you need a real eye-catcher? Our world map is also ideal for this. The high-quality canvas with its noble colours ensures a homely aesthetic and unique elegance. The world map serves as a decorative picture and embellishes every room. The natural materials and especially the colours of the Premium Edition ensure a pleasant warmth in your home.

Weltkarte als dekoratives Wandbild verschönert jedes Zuhause dank der warmen Farben
Schwarz-Weiße Weltkarte als Wandbild zur Dekoration des Wohnraums
Configure your personal world map – you only have 2,160 options

Our large world maps are as individual as you are: 15 colours, six sizes, five personalizations, two frame depths and two languages ​​- but only one unique design. This gives you more than two thousand options for putting together your own personal world map. Whatever you choose, there will be a map of your own choosing.

Large world maps in a very simple design - but as detailed as necessary

Providers of world maps are a dime a dozen. They are mostly very colourful, often full of details, but rarely well designed. We like to be different! In about 150 hours of painstaking detailed work, a map was created that cannot be bought anywhere else in the world in this form. With a focus on a clear design language, modern typography and coordinated color worlds, we offer a minimalist design without sacrificing maximum detail.

Our world map in German or English shows all Countries of the world, all their capitals and other important cities. The largest and most beautiful national parks are also listed, some of the highest mountains of the earth, the longest rivers, the state borders in the USA, Canada and Australia, and the seven new wonders of the world. After all, each of these places is a wonderful travel destination. The land areas are drawn with very detailed coastline and boundary lines, underscoring the love for subtlety. So we show everything that is important and throw everything unimportant overboard. True to the motto: less is more.

Design World Map Pinboard Canvases in 15 harmonious colours

Our world maps impress with their harmonious color worlds. We deliberately avoid too many color changes. The land areas are monochrome, the national park areas stand out slightly. The country names are in a different color and carefully stand out.

Three editions are available: The PREMIUM EDITION with unobtrusive and harmonious color combinations and ensures an exclusive, aesthetic overall picture. The favorite is our world map in elegant gold-beige tones, which ensures a pleasant warmth in every living room. An alternative is "Warm Gray": The brown-grey land areas provide an even stronger, warm contrast on the world map. On the other hand, the neutral, simple light gray design in "Cool Gray" is very subtle and fits in with any furnishing style. Two more warm colors are brand new in the range: Bronze and copper complement the elegant style of our premium world maps.

The world maps of the BLACK EDITION ensure maximum contrasts. The four black and white and dark gray maps with golden accents match any furnishing style without being distracting with colour.

If you want more fresh colors on the wall, the COLOR EDITION has six modern, slightly muted colors to choose from. Each color refers to a suitable travel destination - this is how we underline the passion for travel once again. The world map in "Arizona Blue" is as blue as the vast sky in the US state of the same name. "Fiji-Marine" also awakens South Seas fever, because the color resembles the turquoise-green sea in the South Pacific. "Fraser Orange" is reminiscent of the beach on the Australian island of the same name, while "Kauai Green" resembles nature on the wild cliffs in northern Hawaii. "Komodo Red" corresponds to the national park of the same name in Indonesia. And "Lime-Cay", named after one of the most beautiful beaches in Jamaica with its lime-colored sea, completes our colorful world map concept.

Design World Maps pinboard canvas - produced in manufactory quality of high standards

In addition to a good design, the quality of the canvas is important to us. That's why we print our world maps for pinning on a high-quality, 360g/m2 cotton-polyester canvas. The fine art print with a resolution of 2,400 dpi ensures that every single travel destination is razor-sharp recognizable - so that every pin on the pinboard can be stuck exactly where it belongs. Yes, the structured surface of the screen may absorb few details. It is more important that every smallest and finest map detail is reproduced in the best possible way.

The canvas is stretched on frame made of solid spruce wood. The natural support ensures an even, taut tension. Of course, sustainability is important to us, so we make sure that the stretcher frames for our world maps come from sustainable, ecological forestry - FSC certified!

For a good look, the world map motif runs around everyone corners and completely covers the stretcher frame. The 2 cm depth of the frame casts a slight shadow on the wall, which particularly emphasizes the look of our design world map. Optionally, we also offer a travel world map with 4 cm deep frames, so the canvas gets a real gallery look!