Pinnen von Reisen auf einer schwarz-weißen Weltkarte von Breuers Weltkarten Manufaktur und Shop

Founded in 2020.
With a clear vision.

Our Story

Globetrotters, travel bloggers, hobby photographers. And since 2020 also designer of world maps. We have consistently developed an idea that was originally only intended for our own living room into a comprehensive world map concept. Our motto: Designed. Detailed. Well thought through.

Hendrik und Rebecca Breuer sind Entwickler und Inhaber von Breuers Weltkarten Manufaktur
Where it all began 25 years ago

Good design has been important to us ever since. As professional graphic designers, we have mastered our craft for 25 years in the business. Today we are managing an advertising and communications agency team;iken. What we are particularly good at: thinking complex things simply.

On our travels we find the necessary balance in life and thus create space for new ideas. And right here begins another, new story...

From the first idea to the finished world map

Our passion for travel gave the impuls for this project. In order to keep reminding ourselves of our experiences and adventures and to plan new trips, we were looking for a large world map for our living room for a long time.

Because most of the world maps on the market are too colourful, not very aesthetic and often are of inferior quality, we simply went to create our own map – in over 150 hours of work full of love for detail and passion. Our vision: to create a world map that is unique in design and quality.

Layout-Dateien der Weltkarte in Gold, erstellt in Adobe Illustrator auf einem Apple
Hohe Kundenzufriedenheit bei Breuers Weltkarten
We remain unique

We have been consistently developing this world map concept ever since. In 2021 we designed a map of Europe and USA, and we are constantly adapting new color themes. We will continue to think about new products and materials in the future. Always with the aim of offering our customers a unique and high quality product.

100% Made in Germany

We understand something about design, service and details. We therefore leave the printing to a long-standing network partner who is fully specialized in the production of pin canvases. In a lengthy process, we jointly selected high-quality materials, carefully proofed the colors of our cards - and did not forget sustainability in all decisions.

The result: a premium quality that not only looks good, but that you also feel. 100% Made in Germany!

Weiterentwicklung von Weltkarten in unterschiedlichen Ausführungen und Materialien wird auch in Zukunft wichtig sein
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