Foto-Tapete einer Weltkarte in Gold kaufen
Detail einer schlichten Weltkarte Foto-Tapete in Gold als Wandbild
Dekoriertes Wohnzimmer mit einer Weltkarte als Foto-Tapete in Gold
Foto-Tapete Weltkarte Leinwand in Gold ganz schlicht mit Landflächen
Detailansicht einer Foto-Tapete Weltkarte in Farbe Gold mit Ländergrenzen
Weltkarte Foto-Tapete in Gold mit Grenzen und Ländernamen
Detailansicht einer Weltkarte Foto-Tapete in Gold mit allen Details
Weltkarte Vliestapete in Bahnenbreiten von 100 cm bis 120 cm
Raumbreite messen und entsprechende Anzahl der Tapeten-Bahnen auswählen
Raumhöhe messen und entsprechende Bahnlänge auswählen
Weltkarte wird in das individuelle Raum-Format der Foto-Tapete eingepasst

World Map Photo Wallpaper - Gold

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The web width is 100 cm (wet-adhesive non-woven wallpaper) or 120 cm (self-adhesive non-woven wallpaper). The strips of wallpaper are glued butt together. Please see the instructions further down the page on how to configure the world map wallpaper correctly.

Zahlungsmethoden Breuers Weltkarten
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    6-8 Business Days
  • Express Delivery +15.00 €
    3-4 Business Days (choose at checkout)
  • Free shipping within Germany
  • 150 g/sqm non-woven wallpaper
  • brilliant print at 2,400 pdi
  • environmentally friendly non-woven wallpaper without PVC and without plasticizers
  • wallpapers are crack-bridging, impact-resistant and light-resistant
  • simple processing: the wide strips are glued end to end

You can find all the answers in our comprehensive FAQ!

Each world map is produced individually.

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    Kostenlose Personalisierung

    Easy Installation

    The lengths are cut to a width of 100 cm (wet-adhesive wallpaper) or 120 cm (self-adhesive wallpaper) and can easily be wallpapered edge to edge.

    100% Made in Germany

    Brilliant Print

    The robust non-woven wallpapers are printed with a resolution of 2,400 dpi and thus deliver a razor-sharp image and brilliant colours.

    25 Years of Experience

    We know what is important: With 25 years of experience in the graphic business, we have mastered our graphic craft through and through.

    This is how you order your World Map Photo Wallpaper - custom size!

    You can order your World Map Photo Wallpaper in four easy steps: Measure the room height, measure the wall width, determine the level of detail of the world map ... and soon you can start planning trips!

    Bahnbreite für Weltkarte als Fototapete auswählen

    01 – Choose wet-adhesive or self-adhesive wallpaper

    Our world map as a photo wallpaper is available in extra large widths of 100 cm (wet-adhesive non-woven wallpaper with fine embossing) and 120 cm (self-adhesive non-woven wallpaper). So you get fewer seams than usual when you glue the world map end to end.

    Raumhöhe messen und Bahnlänge wählen für Weltkarte als Fototapete

    02 - Measure room height and select track length

    Measure your room height and then choose the next larger track length. The difference automatically gives you the necessary installation space - after all, walls and ceilings are never completely straight. You simply cut off the rest later.

    Raumbreite messen und Anzahl der Bahnen wählen für Weltkarte als Fototapete

    03 - Measure room width and choose number of lanes

    Next you measure the width of the wall. You divide this by the strip length of 100 cm or 120 cm and put the required number of wallpaper strips in the shopping cart. Here, too, the difference results in the necessary assembly latitude.

    Weltkarte in das Wandformat einpassen und Fototapete kaufen

    04 - Check and Release Proof

    After your order, we adapt the world map to the final format with the respective level of detail. Before we produce the photo wallpaper with the world map, we will email you a proof. Nothing can go wrong like this!