Germany Maps TRAVEL® Canvas Push Pin Boards

Modern maps of Germany with maximum detail (more than 2,500 places) - for pinning and marking your travel destinations
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Hightlights unserer Deutschland-Karte als Pinn-Leinwand

Germany Map TRAVEL®: The pin canvas with the highest level of detail

Germany Map TRAVEL® is your map with maximum detail! The linear, modern and tidy design ensures an optimal overview. More than 1,600 place markers, national parks, mountains and lakes come into their own thanks to the reduced design. You set special accents with separately available, colored pins, with which you can mark places you have visited and plan new trips. Choose from 19 colours, from the smallest format of 50 x 70 cm to XXL formats of 120 x 160 cm - as well as one of four personalization options.

With the Germany Map TRAVEL® you can always keep an eye on your trips. 100% Made in Germany!

Germany Maps in a minimalist design - with maximum detail

Compared to many other maps of Germany, our design focuses on the essentials: clear lines, harmonious colors, modern typography. Our Germany maps as a canvas to pin inspire with a consistently reduced look. And still offer a lot of details: all country names and their capitals as well as more than 1,600 other places. Also the highest mountains, largest rivers, lakes and national parks.

Everything a traveler like you can expect from a Germany push pin map!

Pin your travel destinations - and mark places you've already visited

Remember your most beautiful travel adventures and plan new destinations - our Germany maps as pin canvas are made for just that! Mark the places you have already visited or travel destinations that are at the top of your wish list with pins and pins that are perfectly colored. So you always keep an eye on your trips!

Germany Maps on gallery canvas – printed in pin-sharp detail

Our push pin canvases are made from a 360 gsm thick cotton blend fabric, which is printed with a high resolution of 2,400 dpi. Carefully created vector files of our maps of Germany are the ideal starting material for this. This ensures that every location on the map is really easy to read - and that every pin can be put exactly where it belongs.

Sustainably produced push pin canvases - 100% Made in Germany

Great design also deserves consideration of our environment: We use ECOLOGO-certified, solvent-free, water-based inks and a stretcher frame made of FSC-certified spruce wood from sustainable forestry in Germany for our products. And the packaging material is almost entirely recyclable. 100% Made in Germany!

Two frame depths

Nice and flat or do you prefer a gallery character?
Slim Line 2 cm
Eleganter Slim-Line Keilrahmen mit 2 cm Stärke
Eleganter Slim-Line Keilrahmen mit 2 cm Stärke
Gallery Line 4 cm
Dicker und stablier Gallery-Line Keilrahmen mit 4 cm Stärke für mehr Stabilität
Dicker und stablier Gallery-Line Keilrahmen mit 4 cm Stärke für mehr Stabilität

Choose the perfect frame:

Slim Line 2 cm

The 2 cm slim and elegant Slim-Line frame lies flat against the wall and casts a light shadow. This shadow underlines the Germany maps very subtly.

Gallery Line 4 cm

Can it be more depth? Then choose the 4 cm thick frame. Thanks to its strong shadow, your Germany maps will have real gallery character. And: large-format maps from 160 cm wide get significantly more stability!

Germany Map as a push pin canvas for pinning and marking your travel destinations - suitable for all home vacationers, camping friends and caravan fans.

Why travel far when the adventures start right on your doorstep? If you also like to go on vacation in Germany, this map is just right for you. Our map of Germany as a pin board and canvas in large XXL formats from 70 to 160 cm high offers plenty of space to mark all your trips and travel destinations. All visited places in Germany and planned trips can be perfectly marked with colored pins and pins.

Our large map of Germany in XXL helps you to bundle all your travels and memories on one large mural. Whether you like to travel to the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, the Harz Mountains or the mountains of Bavaria - this pin map of Germany captures all the places you have already been or where you still want to travel.

And even if you don't want to use the large map to mark your travel destinations, it is still a stylish decoration in your home. There is hardly a more beautiful mural of Germany!

Discover the beauty of Germany: A journey through the diverse cities and natural landscapes of our republic

In Germany there are countless opportunities to experience the beauty of the country and be enchanted by its diversity. Whether it's the breathtaking view from the Berlin TV Tower, the romantic streets in Heidelberg or the magnificent buildings in Cologne's old town - there is something for everyone to discover in Germany.

A highlight for many travelers is certainly a visit to the Allgäu, where you can marvel at the majestic Alps and be enchanted by the breathtaking nature. Or how about a walk along the Kiel Fjord, where you can breathe in the fresh sea air and enjoy the sight of the ships passing by?

Germany also has a lot to offer culturally. Visit the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra in Bavaria, the Dresden Frauenkirche in Saxony or the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin - impressive sights are waiting to be discovered everywhere.

No matter where the journey takes you - Germany is always worth a visit and offers unforgettable experiences that will stay deep in your heart.

Large map of Germany as a pinboard with personalization - the perfect gift idea!

Whether for yourself, as a birthday gift or even for a wedding - this canvas from Germany makes a great gift. The map of Germany only becomes a particularly nice surprise when it is personalised. Five variants are available for the map.

By default, the canvas shows a Germany logo at the bottom right. The pinboard becomes more personal with one of three editable logos, in which you can not only insert your name and that of your partner - even the text such as "Adventure in Germany" or similar can be changed according to your taste. This makes the map of Germany your own personal one!