About Us

Globetrotter. Travel blogger. Hobby photographer. And since 2020, designers of world maps. We consistently further developed an idea that was originally only intended for our own living room into an extensive world card concept. Our motto: designed. Detailed. Thought out.

More than 25 years of experience

Great design has long been important to us. As trained media designers, we have mastered our craft for over 25 years. Today we are part of the leadership of the advertising and branding agency team;iken . As a service provider with a lot of passion and experience, we help brands in medium-sized companies to be more successful.

What we are particularly good at: thinking complex things simply. Exactly this strength is also reflected in the concept of our world maps.

From the first idea - to the prototype of a world map

Our second passion, traveling, gave the impetus for this world map project in 2020. In order to keep reminding ourselves of our travel experiences and to plan new adventures, we have been looking for a large map of the world for our living room for years, on which we can pin our travel destinations with pins.

Because most world maps on the market are too colourful, graphically too playful and sometimes of inferior quality, we finally got to work ourselves: with great attention to detail, we developed our own world map in over 150 hours of craftmanship.

Our vision: to create a world map that is unique in its combination of design, concept and quality. And you can't buy them anywhere else than from us.

With passion down to the last detail – and beyond

When selecting the material and producing our world map pin canvases, we researched and tried a lot. In lengthy processes, we carefully matched color worlds and repeatedly printed them. We have tested a wide variety of canvas fabrics and inks to achieve optimal print sharpness, luminosity and durability. And we have also refined the clamping technology to ensure that pins are held perfectly. In all our decisions, we have never lost sight of sustainability.

Our aim: to develop a product that we not only like to hang on the wall ourselves. But that we can also offer our customers with full conviction!

We stay better - with diversity that inspires!

We have been consistently developing our world map concept ever since. A map of Europe and a detailed map of the USA including the road network will follow in 2021. A year later a map of Germany. In 2023 we welcome the youngest member of our card family with the extensive England & Irand card.

In doing so, we drive ourselves: We are always creating new color worlds, questioning the existing ones again - and constantly optimizing our products so that we can continue to offer our customers top quality in the future.

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