Klare Linien, harmonische Farbwelten, moderne Typografie – unsere Weltkarten begeistern mit einer konsequent reduzierten Optik. Abgerundet wird das Konzept durch nachhältig ausgewählte Materialien, exzellente Druckschärfe und eine sorgfältige Verarbeitung. Qualität, die sich sehen lassen kann. Und fühlen.

01. Design

Most world maps on the market offer too many colors, fonts and graphic elements that rarely coordinate with each other. We like to be different: True to the motto "Less is more!", we have developed a concept for world maps that focuses on design. The result: Reduction to just a few colors, a clear language of lines and shapes, and easy-to-read, straightforward typography.

With the utmost care, extensive geo-research and more than 25 years of experience as a graphic designer in the professional agency business, we better draw our map material ourselves. On the graphics tablet, we can influence even the smallest geographical detail. And offer our customers a world map that is a unique piece of jewelry.

02. Materials

We understand something about design, service and details. We leave the printing to a long-standing network partner who specializes entirely in the production of pin canvases. In lengthy processes, we selected high-quality materials together, carefully printed the color combinations of our cards and perfected the processing - from the canvas tension to the clean edge folds.

The result: A premium quality that not only looks good, but that you can also feel.

100% Made in Germany!

03. Sustainability

Good design also deserves consideration of our environment: We use ECOLOGO-certified, solvent-free, water-based inks in our products. The stretcher frame is made from FSC-certified spruce wood from sustainable forestry in Germany. And the packaging material is almost entirely recyclable.

The result: A product that also cares about the future of our planet.

04. Customer Service

We also place high demands on ourselves when it comes to customer service - after all, as a long-standing service provider in the agency business, we know exactly how important satisfied customers are!

Patient advice, good accessibility or fast response times are just some of the strengths that our customers appreciate about us in reviews on Google or Trusted Shops. And if something does go wrong, we'll take care of it.

The result: we treat our customers as we would like to be treated ourselves.

9 Advantages at a Glance

The Breuer's® Quality Promise

Own Maps

Carefully researched, self-drawn, compared with geo-data, not purchased, without mistakes

Unique Design

Professional, harmonious design with thousands of geographic details

Free Personalization

Various designs to choose from – with world maps even with a quote

For pinning travel destinations

Designed and developed for pinning and planning travel destinations and adventures experienced

Or just for Decoration

Also suitable as a decorative mural in your home or as a gift idea

Crisp Print

Optimal legibility thanks to vector data, 2,400 dpi print resolution and suitable materials

High-quality Materials

Robust, thick and hard-wearing canvas with solid wood stretcher frame and tight tensioning technology

Sustainable Production

Solvent-free water-based inks, FSC-certified spruce wood, recyclable packaging

100% Manufacturing Quality

Handwork from development to adaptation to production - Made in Germany