Aluminum Gallery Suspension (1 set)

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High-quality aluminum hanging system for wall mounting our world map TRAVEL® magnetic boards. The aluminum gallery suspension gives the magnetic board a floating look with a strong shadow. The suspension also gives the magnetic board additional stability. Assembly is very easy (please follow assembly instructions and instructions).

  • 1 set = 4x aluminum profiles including assembly tape + 4x plastic corner connectors
  • No aluminum abrasion (black lines) on the wall when hanging
  • Easy to hang on 2 nails or screws in the wall (not included)
  • Each set is individually made to order

Production & Delivery Times

6-8 Working days

Before assembly, please download our assembly instructions and read them carefully.

Bonding only takes place at room temperature (approx. 20°C).

Before gluing the aluminum gallery suspension, please make sure that the intended surface is free of dirt, dust, grease and lubricants as well as residues of cleaning agents. Only then can the necessary adhesive strength be ensured. Never use chemicals for cleaning, such as glass cleaner, gasoline, spirit or similar. We recommend cleaning the surface to be glued with a clean, dry cloth.

Position the aluminum gallery suspension and press it firmly for at least 30 seconds with at least 15 kg of pressure and repeat the pressure after 10 minutes. Then let the suspension rest for 24 hours. The adhesive tape achieves complete final adhesion after 24 hours.

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