DACH Map (DE-AT-CH) Canvas Push Pin Board – Bronze

149.00 €

incl. VAT & Shipping DE | plus Shipping INTL

  • High level of detail: With all federal states names + capitals + other cities (more than 3,400 places)
  • Plus: The highest mountains, largest rivers, lakes and national parks (also textual)
  • As Canvas Pinboard LITE: Simple and reliable pinning – thanks to robust gallery canvas from SIHL® & special tighter tension
  • As Canvas Pinboard PLUS: Comfortable pinning and maximum stability – thanks to additionally backbuilt 10 mm light foam plate from KAPA®
  • Optional with road network
  • Optional with South-Tyrol
  • Optional with free personalization
  • Robust 390 g/sqm thick gallery canvas – perfect for pinning
  • Razor sharp Fine-Art print with 2,400 dpi – easy to read
  • 100% Handmade – 100% Made in Germany

Production & Delivery Times

6-8 Working days3-4 Working days Priority +25.00 € (at checkout)
  • Individually: Each map is produced according to your wishes and is therefore not a stock product.
  • Unique: Maps created and based on geo-data, carefully researched and professionally designed (25 years of experience as a professional graphic designer)
  • Durable: 390 g/sqm thick, matt canvas made of 100% cotton from SIHL®
  • High-quality: We only use material from brand manufacturers (canvas from SIHL®, light foam plate from KAPA®)
  • Perfectly readable: Razor sharp FineArt print in 2,400 dpi resolution
  • Comfortable: Pins holding perfectly strong in our Canvas-Pinboard LITE and excellent in our Canvas-Pinboard PLUS
  • Sustainable: frame made of FSC-certified solid wood & ink is water-based (odor-neutral and suitable for children's room)
  • Shockproof packaging, full recyclable
  • 100% Made in Germany

The product pictures show details of the 140 x 90 cm format. Smaller map sizes offer approx. 6% fewer details due to lack of space.

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    Shipping company
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    Revocation & return
    Are you not satisfied with our product? No problem: You have 14 days after receiving the goods to return it to us.

    Please understand: Personalized world maps and individual special designs are goods that are only produced to your needs. We can no longer sell them. For this reason, these products are excluded from the return (in accordance with Section 312 G (2) No. 1 BGB).

    Füge Pins hinzu

    Und setze deine Reiseziele schön in Szene!
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    Push Pins (50 pieces) – Red

    Behalte deine Reisen fest im Blick – und markiere besuchte und geplante Reiseziele auf unseren Pinn-Leinwänden

    Erinnere dich an deine schönsten Reise-Abenteuer und plane neue Ziele – unsere Landkarten und Weltkarten als Pinn-Leinwand sind genau dafür gemacht! Markiere mit farblich passenden Pins und Stecknadeln die Orte, die du bereits besucht hast oder pinne Reiseziele, die auf deiner Wunschliste ganz oben stehen. So hälst du nicht nur deine Erinnerungen, sondern auch dein Fernweh am Leben!

    Landkarten und Weltkarten zum Pinnen und Planen – oder als dekoratives Wandbild in XXL-Formaten bis 200 cm

    Unsere Landkarten und Travel Maps eignen sich nicht nur zur Markierung von Reisezielen, sondern dienen auch als schönes Wandbild zur Dekoration in deinem Zuhause. Dank des modernen, aufgräumten Designs und den XXL-Formaten bis 200 cm Breite wird jede Landkarte zum Hingucker.

    Mehr noch: Jede Landkarte kannst du auf Wunsch kostenlos personalisieren lassen. So wird deine Travel Map zu deinem ganz persönlichen Unikat!

    Perfektes Pinnen

    Dank Materialien von Markenherstellern
    Weltkarte Pinn-Leinwand mit Sihl-Galerie-Leinwand
    Weltkarte Pinn-Leinwand mit Sihl-Galerie-Leinwand
    Weltkarte Pinn-Leinwand mit Sihl-Galerie-Leinwand und Kapa Leichtschaumplatte
    Weltkarte Pinn-Leinwand mit Sihl-Galerie-Leinwand und Kapa Leichtschaumplatte

    Designed to last

    Well thought through down to the last detail
    Vorteil unserer Weltkarten ist das sehr moderne, reduzierte Design mit klaren Linien und gut lesbarer Typografie

    Minimalist design - for maximum overview

    True to the motto "Less is more!", we have tidied up and concentrated our design on the essentials: harmonious color worlds, clear lines and shapes, straightforward and easy-to-read typography. This puts the colorful pins of your travel destinations into scene! Also on board: more than 25 years of professional graphic design experience.
    Hochwertige Leinwand mit gestochen scharfem Druckbild

    High-quality canvas - razor-sharp FineArt print

    Our canvas not only looks good, but also feels great: The 390 g/sqm thick canvas made of 100% cotton (no mixed fabric!) is printed with a resolution of 2,400 dpi. Carefully created vector files of the maps offer the perfect basis. This guarantees perfect readability!
    Nachhaltige Produktion unserer Pinn-Leinwände mit sorgfältig ausgewählten Hölzern und Stoffen

    Nachhaltig produziert – 100% Made in Germany

    Good design also deserves a thought for our environment: We only use ECOLOGO-certified, solvent-free, water-based inks, a wooden frame made of FSC-certified spruce wood from sustainable forestry and an FSC-certified canvas pin board. Plus the packaging is also fully recyclable.