Magnetic World Map TRAVEL® Poster – Warmgray

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  • With all country names + capitals + other cities (more than 2,400 marks)
  • Plus: the highest mountains, biggest seas, rivers, lakes, nationalparks as well as special travel highlights of the world (e.g. Macchu Picchu or Taj Mahal)
  • Optionally with free personalization
  • Robust, tear-resistant ferrous foil (0.18 mm thick)
  • Magnetic pull of 3.5 g/cm²
  • Razor-sharp print thanks to 2,400 dpi resolution
  • Matching magnetic pins: Silver or Gold
  • Note: Only small, light magnets hold
  • Magnetic poster strips are not included

Production & Delivery Times

6-8 Working days3-4 Working days Priority +25.00 € (at checkout)
  • Robust, tear-resistant ferrofoil with a thickness of 0.18 mm
  • Magnetic absorption capacity of 3.5 g/cm²
  • Only small, light magnets stick (like in our accessories)
  • Print in 2,400 dpi resolution
  • The product images show details of the card in the format 140 x 90 cm. Smaller card formats offer approximately 5% less detail due to lack of space.

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    Add pins

    And put your travel destinations in the limelight!
    Goldene Magnet-Pinns für magnetische Weltkarte
    Magnetic Pins (50 pcs) - Gold
    Silberne Magnet-Pinns für magnetische Weltkarte
    Magnetic Pins (50 pcs) - Silver