USA Map TRAVEL® Push Pin Canvas (High Details)

This is TRAVEL®: Maps of the USA and North America in modern map design and with a maximum of details (about 2,800 locations) – perfect for pinning and marking your travel destinations in the US

USA Push Pin Map TRAVEL®: your America map in modern design and very high level of detail – for pinning and marking your travel destinations

USA Map & America Map for marking visited places and planning new trips – as push pin canvas in large sizes up to 200 cm. The Travel Map shows all US states and their capitals, all national parks, 2,800 cities and the largest rivers and lakes. Optionally you can have a detailed road network imprinted. Plus free personalization! Perfectly color-matching pins as accessories round off our world map concept.100% Made in Germany!

USA Map to pin and mark your USA trips - perfect for America fans

The United States of America - symbol of unlimited freedom, breathtaking nature, huge metropolises and endless possibilities. This is exactly what makes traveling across the US a very special experience. For all those who love to travel to the USA, we now offer a large map canvas to capture your USA travel experiences. In large XXL sizes from 100 to 200 cm wide, the map of North America offers plenty of space to bundle all your travels and memories on a single map.

Use pins to mark your adventures, show which corners of the United States you've been to and where you still want to go. Pins in different colors help you to keep track. Design your own personal pinboard canvas with our freely configurable USA map. And document not only your unbridled desire to travel with this XXL mural, but also stylishly decorate your home.

Document your best USA road trips - and choose a map with optional highway road network

You've probably already driven Highway 1 in California, the dream road along the Pacific coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Or maybe you've already driven the classic: Route 66, also known as "Mother Road", leading from Chicago to the Santa Monica Pier? A road trip across Florida or through the vastness of Texas or Arizona are also travel highlights in the USA. Whatever adventures you have experienced in the United States: With our USA map as a pinboard canvas you can capture your travels in a very stylish way. We now optionally offer the America map with a simplified road network consisting of the most important highways, interstates and byways. This way you can map your travel routes across the USA even better!

A big map of America - developed by USA fans for USA fans

To go with our successful World Maps, we now have released a USA Map. In painstaking detail work, this Map of America was created to be unique in its way. Focussed on a clear and tidy design that offers a perfect overview and turns the pins to be the stars on the USA Map.

Our USA Travel Map shows all US states and their capitals, as well as many other important destinations in the United States. In addition, all US National Parks and selected State Parks are listed, as well as some of the highest mountains, longest rivers and largest lakes in the US. After all, each of these places is a potential travel destination in the States. The land areas are drawn with very detailed coast and border lines and confirm the love for details.

You can buy the USA Travel Map as a high-quality pin board canvas that gives a beautiful picture in your living room. Alternatively, the Travel Map is also available as a premium poster.

What was initially intended for our own living room, we are now offering all USA fans. Because we are united by one passion: Traveling to the United States - just as our travel blog "TheBreuers" shows. Here you will find more than 130 travel reports and insider-tips across destinations in the US.

Make the USA Map your own personal travel map - with one of four personalization options

The simple, modern design gives the travel map an individual character. But it is only with personalization that the pinboard canvas becomes unique and cannot be bought anywhere else! You can choose between four different logos: a retro United States of America logo, two different logos with the names of you and your loved one's, and a logo that's suitable for the whole family.