Design World Map Photo Wallpaper

Our design world maps are also available as photo wallpaper. So you always have the world and all your travel destinations in view - in large sizes. This world map wallpaper is the perfect decoration for your home.

Choose between two different wallpaper materials, four levels of detail and seven different colors. Make the world your own with this made-to-measure world map wallpaper!

Hellgraue Weltkarte als Fototapete ist eine besondere Dekorationsidee für dein Wohnzimmer

For globetrotters like you: Design World Map Photo Wallpaper

Our design world map is not only available as a pinboard canvas or poster, but now also as a photo wallpaper. This will make your travel destinations really big and make the world the perfect decoration in your home. On our wall murals you can mark countries you have already visited and plan new travel destinations. There are no limits to your desire to travel! Every country and every place will be nice and big and easy to read. In addition, the colors of the world map give a pleasant warmth to every room in your home. And of course such a world map as a photo wallpaper is a modern eye-catcher for your friends and guests.

High-quality non-woven wallpaper with a printed world map

We can optionally print the world map on a wet-adhesive non-woven wallpaper with fine embossing. This photo wallpaper has a slightly uneven, elegant feel and sets the world map in the limelight. You only need standard wallpaper paste to stick the world map to your wall. Alternatively, you can get our design world map as a self-adhesive non-woven wallpaper without fine embossing, which can be easily mounted on any wall in your home. Both materials meet a high quality standard. They are printed in high resolution and thus deliver a crisp print image. So every country and every place in this world is very easy to read!

World Map Photo Wallpaper with an extra large width

So that the world map can be pasted with as few transitions and seams as possible, we offer our photo wallpaper in extra wide strips. While many suppliers on the market rely on 50 to 60 cm, we produce wallpapers with a width of 100 cm (wet-adhesive non-woven wallpaper) and 120 cm (self-adhesive world map wallpaper). This makes mounting the wallpaper much easier! In addition, our non-woven photo wallpapers are dimensionally stable and do not warp.

Alternative to the world map photo wallpaper

If a world map photo wallpaper seems too big for you, we offer the perfect alternative to photo wallpaper with our pin canvases and posters. Here you have even more colors to choose from, and even more ways to bring your wanderlust and travel planning to the wall.

Fototapete Weltkarte an der Wand in deinem Zuhause