World Map TIMEZONE® Canvas Push Pin Boards

World Map with all 38 UTC time zones: A modern design meets maximum detail with more than 2,400 locations – perfect for pinning and marking destinations.


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Hightlights und Merkmale unserer Timezone Weltkarten mit allen 38 UTC-Zeitzonen

Personalized world maps with time zones - for pinning and planning

Keep an eye on the time – and keep an eye on the world. With our time zone world map TIMEZONE®! The pin canvas in formats from 80 x 50 cm to 200 x 120 cm shows all 38 UTC time zones. The modern, simple design guarantees an optimal overview of all time zones. It's also great for pinning places you've visited and planning new trips!

Time zone world maps in a minimalist design - with maximum detail

Compared to many other world maps, our design focuses on the essentials: clear lines, harmonious color worlds, modern typography. Our time zone world maps as a canvas to pin inspire with a consistently reduced look. And still offer a lot of details: all country names and their capitals as well as more than 2,000 other places. In addition, the highest mountains, largest seas, rivers, lakes and national parks as well as special travel highlights (e.g. Macchu Picchu or Taj Mahal). Last but not least: all 38 UTC time zones.

So everything a globetrotter like you can expect from a world map with time zones!

Pin your travel destinations - and mark places you've already visited

Remember your most beautiful travel adventures and plan new destinations - our time zone world maps as pin canvas are made for just that! Mark the places you have already visited or travel destinations that are at the top of your wish list with pins and pins that are perfectly colored. So you always keep an eye on your trips and all time zones!

World Maps on Gallery Canvas - Printed Crisp

Our pin canvases are made from a 360 gsm thick cotton blend fabric, which is printed with a high resolution of 2,400 dpi. Carefully created vector files of our world maps form the optimal starting material for this. This ensures that every location on the map is really easy to read - and that every pin can be put exactly where it belongs.

Sustainably produced pin canvases - 100% Made in Germany

Good design also deserves consideration of our environment: We use ECOLOGO-certified, solvent-free, water-based inks and a stretcher frame made of FSC-certified spruce wood from sustainable forestry in Germany for our products. And the packaging material is almost entirely recyclable. 100% Made in Germany!

4 World Map Editions

Up to 22 colors
Label der Premium Edition von Weltkarten in warmen Erdtönen oder Edelmetall-Farben


The color combinations of the PREMIUM EDITION ensure an exclusive, aesthetic overall picture. From warm earth tones to precious metals to neutral, noble gray tones, these world maps are the jewel in your home.
Label der Black Edition von Weltkarten in Schwarz-Weiß oder dunkel Grautönen


The world maps of the BLACK EDITION ensure maximum contrast. The black and white and dark gray cards with gold accents complement any interior style without being distracting with colour. Black always fits!
Label der Nautic Edition von Weltkarten in Bronze-, Gold- und Blautönen


How about a little seafaring romance? The deep bronze, gold and navy blue tones of our NAUTIC EDITION remind you of the greatest adventurers like Vasco da Gama, Christopher Columbus or James Cook.
Label der Color Edition von Weltkarten in leuchtenden, vitalen und bunten Farben


Anyone who wants more fresh colors on the wall can choose from seven modern, slightly muted colors with the COLOR EDITION world maps. And things get really colorful with the MULTICOLOR world maps!

World map TIMEZONE® with all 38 UTC time zones

Are you ready to conquer the world and always keep an eye on the time? Then discover our unique design world map as a pin canvas with 38 UTC time zones!

Imagine having the whole world on your wall - a combination of functionality and stylish design for your home. But our popular pin canvas is not only a world map for pinning and marking travel destinations, but also a practical organizational tool. Thanks to the marked time zones, you can plan your appointments and at the same time easily capture your travel memories.

The modern, simple and clear design of our TIMEZONE® world maps shows all 38 UTC time zones. This way you always have an overview of the different time zones around the globe. Whether you have a phone call in New York, a video call with friends in Sydney, or planning a trip to London, you'll know what time it is right away.

And the best thing is that you can customize the world map with all 38 UTC time zones according to your ideas. Pin photos, notes, tickets and memorabilia to the places you've been or want to explore. Create your own travel chronicle and let your wall become a unique work of art.

Whether you're a globetrotter or an organizational talent, our pin canvas with 38 UTC time zones will inspire you. Get the perfect accessory for your wall now and be inspired by the time zones.

Why are there time zones in the world?

Time zones were introduced to create a consistent way of measuring and representing time around the world.

The main reasons for introducing time zones are:

  • Standardization of Timekeeping: Before time zones were introduced, different cities and regions used their own local time based on the position of the sun. This resulted in a plethora of different times, making it difficult to coordinate communications, trade, transportation, and other international activities.
  • Simplification of timetables and communication: The introduction of time zones makes it easier to plan and coordinate timetables for trains, planes and other means of transport. Communication between different places is also facilitated since one can refer to a specific time regardless of geographic location.
  • Economic advantages: Time zones allow international business activities and trade relations to run smoothly. Establishing common working hours in different countries allows companies to work and do business more efficiently.
  • Navigation and Travel: Time zones are also important for navigation and accurate timekeeping while travelling. When moving across different time zones, the time zones can be used to make time corrections to determine the exact local time.

What does the abbreviation UTC stand for in time zones?

UTC stands for "Coordinated Universal Time". It is a global time standard from which times in time zones around the world are derived. The current time in a time zone is also officially expressed by the time difference to UTC. Before the introduction of UTC, GMT functioned as the global time standard.

How many time zones are there in the world?

A day is known to consist of 24 hours. Therefore, most people assume that there are 24 time zones in the world. But that's not entirely correct: there are currently a total of 38 time zones in the world! The earth is basically divided into 24 time zones. Each time zone usually spans about 15 degrees of longitude, separated by one hour. 24 time zones times 15 degrees of longitude equal 360 degrees around the world. There are also 14 other, smaller time zones. Partly due to political decisions, partly due to geographical conditions in certain countries or regions.

Why are there 38 time zones in the world - and not 24?

Three time zones are doubled by the International Date Line. The International Date Line crosses the Pacific Ocean on its way from the North to the South Pole. However, it does not run along a time zone boundary, but cuts the time zone opposite the Prime Meridian in two halves: UTC+12 and UTC-12.

In addition, the border does not run dead straight from pole to pole. In order to satisfy political and geographic circumstances, it partially extends into two additional time zones and thus creates the time shifts UTC+13 and UTC+14.

In addition, some countries and territories have a time difference of half an hour or even a quarter of an hour. So in India it is 5:30 hours later than UTC. In Newfoundland, Canada, it's 2:30 hours earlier. Examples of quarter-hour time zones are Nepal (UTC+4:45) and New Zealand's Chatham Islands (UTC+12:45, +13:45 in daylight saving time).